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Review: Drakan: Order of the Flame by James "supabeast" Puckett
Does it have anything going for it other than a nice set of boobs? I think so.
Review: Jet Moto 3 by James "supabeast" Puckett
989 Studios does it again, which is a damned shame.
Review: Final Fantasy VIII by James "supabeast" Puckett
Someone please smack the moron who made this game's main character so annoying!
Interview: Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software by James "supabeast" Puckett
I asked Todd a few questions about himself, Q3A, and music.
Review: System Shock 2 by Brian Kirkpatrick
The game that gives you one less reason to leave the house.
Review: Power Stone by Brian Kirkpatrick
Review: Soul Calibur by Brian Kirkpatrick
Review: Wipeout 3 by Brian Kirkpatrick