Introducing: US!

Welcome to the World Gamerís Front! This site is something of an experiment, not to mention a good way to get my resume out there. It gives me and anyone else who wants to get involved (the list currently includes my bud Brian, and applications for this list are still being accepted, too much content never hurts.) a good way to start writing about the stuff we love: GAMES! Video games OWN me. I live for them. I suffer from withdrawal if I donít hit the crack pipe that is Tribes daily. I want my whole life to be games one day, which requires a job in the game industry. Hopefully as I work at this site I will get better at this whole thing, and eventually that might lead to some sort of game job. I can only hope, right? Anyway, if you want to hire me, Iím going to plug my resume again here.

So whatís this site all about? Game stuff. Mainly reviews, along with interviews, editorials, etc.. Hopefully We can make it kick some arse. The site design might be a little weak up front, but bear with me. Iím new to this, so I need to learn what works. Please make sure to send me your comments! Anything, good or bad, so that I know what to keep, stop, or start doing. I plan to do a full site redesign as soon as I get all my internet stuff rolling in Linux. And as for me keeping the site on Tripod: Once again, this is a VOLUNTEER effort. I can't afford to pay for games to review and hosting. If you want to host the World Gamer's Front, email me.

A little about content: I will try to update with new stuff at least once a weak. As this site is funded entirely by the people who work on it, and as I am not yet getting freebies to review, I have to buy (or rent, in the case of console games) everything I review. I make a good salary right now, but on some weeks I will be short on cash, and I might not pack as much goodness in on those weeks. Bear with me folks. Or even better, volunteer! Send in your reviews and such! And if you work for a game company, send me stuff to review! I promise that if you send me your game to review, I will review it ASAP, as long as it isnít and N64 game, as we are keeping our N64 reviews limited to Gauntlet, which reminded us why we donít play N64 games. I will also keep my reviews fair, so if you send me a crappy game, expect a review that calls it just that.

- James Puckett


The Staff:

James Puckett ex-Editor in Chief - I like my games fast and violent, with the exception of RPGís, which also kick much ass IMHO. RTS is also kind of cool, but deathmatch is better. I run this site. I need a game job. Please hire me. Once again I will plug my resume. (James recently left this site for another, but may still work on it.)


Brian Kirkpatrick Chief Everything That Nobody Else Does - Now that I've decided to write my own thing here. I like difficult games with good control. Those two elements are more important to me than anything. I also like RPG's where you don't just walk, smack the button a few times, walk some more, and eventually win. I like action games with a smooth flow and some kind of unique element that keeps you thinking (like Descent 3). Real-time and turn-based strategy games are both good, so long as they're multiplayer, complex, and easy to control (like Starcraft or Alpha Centauri). Visit my webpage, dammit!


Andrew Kirkpatrick Reviewer - Andrew will be coming on soon, debuting with a review of Homeworld. He'll put in his information soon.



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