Update: 11/21/2000!!! James: Wow, I forgot about this site. Just in case anyone ever stops by, don't expect to see much here, but you never know....

Update: 11/24/99 Brian: As you may have noticed, there haven't been many updates recently. The problem is a lack of material. I've almost finished the Wipeout 3 strategy guide, I'm just having a few problems forcing myself to finish the guides for two tracks. Well, due to the lack of material, I've decided to start taking submissions from everyone. So, if you have anything you'd like to see up here on the site, email it in a zip file attachment to briankp@angelfire.com, which is my temporary business email address. In the meantime, as an offering, I have compiled an almost complete list of moves for the Neo Geo game Last Blade 2. If you don't have it, I highly recommend getting it, however you have to do that.

Guide: Last Blade 2 Moves List (Neo Geo) by Brian

Update: 10/31/99 Brian: Since James has left, and I was redesigning this site anyway, I've decided to take over as editor of this site. Whether or not James ever does work on this site again I do not know, but he probably will. I'm bringing Andrew on as a reviewer, maybe even to do some graphics. I've also decided to do away with the whole last names thing. If you want last names, see the About Us section.

Review: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (PSX) by Brian

Update: 10/25/99 James Puckett: Well, it was bound to happen sometime. I have taken a position working on the PC site for Ultimate Gaming Online so expect to see me migrate all of my work there. Brian will likely come along if I can ever get ahold of his ass, everything I send him gets bounced back to me because his mail server is whacked. Anyway, make sure to stop by and check out my work at my new happy home, where I will be keeping the Friday interview going along with my other stuff.

Update: 10/23/99 James Puckett: I know I had more on the list for this week, but the schedule was tentative. Most of this weeks reviews are being pushed back because of more important real world concerns. It would be different if people were depending on me to get this stuff done, but this site is a side project, and I had bigger priorities this week than reviewing games that dozens of others already have. I will get them up soon, but the world outside games has to come first sometimes. I did, however, score a great interview, along with some very nice screenshots. Be sure to check it all out! Sorry I posted this so late, but I wan unable to log into the server this morning and wasn't in all afternoon.

Interview: Nels Bruckner 10/23/99 James Puckett: The director of the TRIBES product line give me the hookup on TRIBES Extreme, TRIBES 2, and 2 badass screenshots!
Update: 10/17/99 - James Puckett: bringing you a new review of System Shock 2 today. I also decided to start dating my updates. I ripped out that godawful poll and sent it to die where all horrible hellspawn like that go. Actually, I kind of liked it, but it just isn't configurable enough. That and only 20 people responded. Brian will be taking over as the webmaster graphically, and he is toiling away on the new site design with Dreamweaver, Phototshop, and Lightwave as we speak. It will be turbocharged with goodness, not too mention abandoning the crapheap that is Front Page 2000. If I can find a replacement for Outlook, I can uninstall office and have more space to add to my Linux partitions! Any suggestions?  Noticed I missed a few typos and such on opening day, still fixing them. Spending today on site stuff (trying to line up more interviews) and playing Xena before I go to sleep (I work nights). I am also posting the (tentative) reviews schedule for this week below. 

Monday: Hydro Thunder (DC), R-Type Delta (PSX)
Thursday: Soul Calibur (DC), Soul of The Samurai (PSX)
Friday: Star Wars (PSX), Xena (PSX), Neo geo Pocket/King of Fighters R2, Darkstone (PC)

Stop by to check out our cool reviews. Hopefully I will break out the digital camera for the Neo Geo Pocket Color review, I dunno how well it will work out, but it can't hurt to try. Oh yeah! PLEASE, please, email me your thoughts. We pulled a ton of hits these past few days and are getting NO mail. If you love us, say so. If you hate us, say so. Either way, say why. This site will get good, but I would like to do something other than just breaking down and ripping off Billy and Blue. Go see Fight Club. And buy the new Creed album. And thanks to the kindhearted folks who link to me!
Update to the update: Screw Xena game, have to crunch on it tomorrow and Tuesday. Gotta go line up interviews and sleep before work.



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